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Our technologies — your success!
Cloud computing is a complex of IT-solutions which provide any-place access to required nets, apps and services. Simply stated, «the сloud» lets you to store any data on remote servers of company operators and get information with maximum comfort. Technologies of Association of e-learning are based on cloud solutions. But we offer to educational facilities something more than mere comfort…

Imagine that your university or college has got an opportunity to teach people all over Russia. With that, without any expenses on increase in the number of teaching staff and opening of new branches. «Dreams»-some may say. «Today`s reality»- is our answer.

Experts of the Association of e-learning make abovementioned possible thanks to the universal net platform for e-learning. Working via the Internet, this service allows any educational organization to introduce distant technologies in their package of provided services. With minimal expenses!

You won`t have to buy costly server equipment, expand IT-experts staff or develop electronic educational content. Everything you need – the Association of e-learning already has!
The Association of e-learning is fully responsible for functionality and availability of the system. Our distant platform RoWeb is protected from any virtual attacks or failures. Reliability of data preservation is guaranteed by foremost complexes of virtual security and by the best experts in IT-area. Apart from data protection, the Association of e-learning provides consultations for students on how to use their personal studio. Our support center is always happy to help!
The Association of e-learning has developed and introduced the most modern technologies of distant learning. Well though-out and interesting classes make studies at our platform the most effective. We give our students freedom when planning their academic load but don`t ease control. Due to such balanced approach, we have an opportunity to train highly-skilled experts distantly! Thanks to RoWeb technology everyone can study in your university, college or educational facility!
The Association of e-learning provides electronic educational content of high-quality on a number of certified educational programs which can be completed by means of e-learning and distant educational technologies. Besides, our experts will be happy to help you with creating your own electronic content basing on your exclusive educational programs. If you want electronic content of your educational organization to be unique – the Association of e-learning is always open for cooperation and co-development.
In this virtual classroom your students will be able not only to master certain disciplines but also to plan their academic load and rest, forming their individual schedule, taking different tests, doing tasks, taking part in webinars and other distant forms of classes.
, which includes platform of e-learning and administration, electronic informative and educational resources as well as a net of regional branches all over Russia, provided with communication channels, technical means and all the required equipment.
Education of tomorrow

Cloud technologies have become a part of daily and business life. They have a lot of benefits and almost no drawbacks. «The cloud» will take education to a higher level of administrative and financial efficiency. Even now IT-solutions of e-learning of the Association are able to open up new horizons for educational facilities. It is time to make a step towards successful future. Do it with us!

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