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with partners in different areas

According to methodological recommendations of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, realization of educational programs on a network basis should be done on the grounds of agreement, signed by companies, which stipulates principles of cooperation, including requirements to educational process, to technical, financial and administrative support and way of realization of network cooperation. The agreement should state assignment of responsibilities, order of program realization, nature and volume of used resources.

The Association of e-learning considers different ways of cooperation in network realization of educational programs and develops various types of partnership with organizations from different areas.

  • Support of Russian and foreign companies, interested in modernization of education, contribution to increase in international level of Russian education by means of introducing best practices and technologies of organization of educational process.
  • Conduct of congresses, symposiums, seminars and other events to popularize the newest educational technologies; Cooperation with Russian and foreign scientific and scientific-technical societies and organizations.
  • Approbation of various educational systems and complexes, conduct of scientific contests of prospective inventions to find effective ideas, technologies and technical solutions in the area of e-learning;
  • Support of innovative projects of e-learning in the area of education, culture, social and youth policy;
  • Cooperation with government bodies to improve and effectively use programs of e-learning;
  • Development and introduction of distant educational technologies, innovative didactics, organizational forms and content of e-learning within Russia and beyond;
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