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Association selected the best available educational resources that it offers to universities-partners:

Developed regional net. Highly-experienced experts in 700 cities and towns all over Russia select applicants for partner companies and provide consultations for students on how to work in electronic environment. Students enjoy technological, organizational and administrative support.

Professional team of developers. Experts of the highest level provide new effective solutions and developments, their optimization and control.

Data processing center (DPC) and repository are able to provide education for hundreds of thousands of students and have the following capacities: storage volume – more than 100 TB, two data transmission channels 1 GB/s, corporate cloud with 120 virtual servers, 20 server cabinets, inner net of DPC up to 10 GB/s, etc.

Telecommunication networks. More than 700 VSAT-terminals with Internet, telephone, fax, TV and transmission band up to 50 MB\s. TV Channel «Perviy Obrazovatelniy» (The first educational). Day and night nationwide educational channel, which is covered in Russia and CIS countries with viewing audience more than 17 million people.

Full informational and technological support of educational process. Electronic educational platform is protected from any virtual attacks and failures. Reliability of data preservation is guaranteed by foremost complexes of virtual security and by the best experts in IT-area.

Cloud technologies and advanced educational system. Modern IT-solutions are becoming a part of daily and business life. Cloud technologies take educational organizations to a new administrative and financial level. Besides, well thought-out and interesting classes make studies at our platform the most effective: students are free to plan their academic load and rest, educational organizations can monitor educational process at all stages. This balanced approach gives an opportunity to train highly-qualified experts without leaving their residence!

The unique electronic informative and educational environment, which includes platform of e-learning and administration, electronic informative and educational resources and innovative educational didactics, which uses collegiate environment and smart robots to control originality and competence of students` papers.

Relevant educational content Electronic educational content of high-quality, prepared by highly-skilled teaching staff, on wide range of educational programs of different levels, which can be completed by means of e-learning. Besides, there are teams of developers, ready to create unique electronic content for new goals and to adjust it to electronic educational environment.

High-tech base guarantees educational process of high quality: automated communication systems, satellite technologies, intellectual robots and so on.

Team of experts
all over Russia – more than 2000 highly-experienced experts in more than 700 regional branches.

Protection from any virtual attacks and failures is guaranteed by advanced complexes of virtual security and the best IT-experts.

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